Tell Your Senators: Pass an Oil Spill Bill in 2010!

Oiled Laughing Gull
David J. Ringer/Audubon
A Laughing Gull oiled during the Deepwater Horizon disaster

Seven months after the Deepwater Horizon explosion killed 11 men and kicked off the world's largest-ever accidental marine oil disaster, BP is posting huge profits, and the U.S. Congress is gridlocked. Failure to act is not acceptable. Audubon strongly urges Congress to pass an oil spill bill during the November-December lame-duck congressional session.

The lame-duck session offers the Senate a final window of opportunity to pass laws that hold BP and other polluters accountable, put safeguards in place to prevent a disaster like this from happening again, and set the Gulf Coast on a path toward healing and renewal by dedicating BP's fine money to Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration.

But unless your Senators hear from you, they may be too complacent or afraid to consider and pass this vital legislation. Please take action today:

  • Download Audubon's oil spill bill fact sheet to learn more. Please share this sheet with others in your comunity and with your elected officials to help educate others about the Senate's need to act.
  • Contact your Senators and urge them to pass an oil spill bill dedicating BP's Clean Water Act penalties to environmental restoration of the Gulf Coast this year. Here's a sample letter and contact form to make it easy for you. Make your voice heard today - don't delay!
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper explaining the value of the Gulf Coast to you and to your community and urging your state's U.S. Senators to take action. Here's a sample letter with instructions.

The Gulf Coast is a beautiful, vibrant, productive part of our nation. It supports globally significant bird and wildlife populations, celebrated human communities and cultures, and industries that provide American jobs and support our economy. We must begin healing and renewing these ecosystems now. Further delays and decline will hurt us all.